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The DayStay staff is extremely caring, knowledgeable, and innovative.
- Wake Forest School of Medicine

"After Dad died in 2000, we heard of a new program called DayStay located in just outside of Asheville in Candler. Mother became a charter member and attended twice a week and later every day.

What a beacon of light for her and for our family! She was lonely at home and longed for companionship. Mother thrived in such a wonderful Christian setting, where she always knew the answer to any word game, looked forward to the weekly devotional and had deadly aim with a water balloon and dressed for every special event.

We were blessed to have this safe and caring environment for our mother, Elizabeth Clark for over six years. Thank you DayStay Staff for changing our lives!"

Linda Clark Manis

"For my mother, each day in your center, love was redefined and enriched. Her medical care was enhanced and her spirits were always lifted. Old age is not for the faint hearted and your staff showed the devotion and care which so strengthened my mother's heart and soul.

You made her laugh every day."

Dan McCurry

"As a former caregiver for my late husband Ed, I was made aware of the available care for him thru DayStay. The facility was open five days a week from 7:30 to 5:30 PM. This allowed be time to take care of Doctor appointments, shopping, cleaning and gave me an opportunity to catch my breath.

I was assured that his medications, diet and personal needs were carried out by professional caring personnel. Daily programs were planned to keep his mind stimulated by personal contact, crafts, music, games and simple exercises. A weekly devotional and singing kept Ed spritely upbeat. I had peace of mind knowing the safety and quality care was given.

I still continue as a volunteer at DayStay where I meet with the families of those who are now facing what I experienced with Ed. It is a pleasure to be able to give back just a little to those who did so much for me. We all need to care and be cared for!"

Mary K. Clark

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