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Getting Involved at DayStay
Volunteers Make a Difference

Volunteers are essential to DayStay's success and there is always room for one more. Being a volunteer at DayStay is as easy as spending an hour or two reminiscing with someone about their family, their work or where they have traveled. Other volunteers can help with an event or activity or assure that everyone is able to enjoy a game or program. Something as simple as a smile and saying hello can bring joy and happiness to someone.

Here are some of the ways that you may get involved at DayStay:

- Become a volunteer by calling 828-665-1575 and arrange for a quick tour and meeting to see just how you can make a difference in the quality of life of our participants.

- Become a sponsor or help underwrite a DayStay activity.

- Become a sustaining member of DayStay by making a contribution in any amount. sustaining members make up the difference between what a family can afford to pay and our actual costs. Remember, no one is refused enrollment for an inability to pay.

- Advocate on behalf of DayStay by becoming a DayStay Ambassador. This is our speaker's bureau and source of volunteers to take the DayStay Story to the community. Brochures, photos and other materials are available to help you help us to get out the word.

- Share DayStay brochures with your church, office, workplace, etc.

- Host a daily meal or snack for our participants.

- Attend one of our special events during the year. "A Night to Remember" benefit and BBQ are two great ways to help.

Call DayStay at 828-665-1575 to find out how you can make a difference!

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